Welcome to SAGE FINANCE.

...set to revolutionize DEX

About Sage Finance Protocol

Sage Swap is a Binance-based decentralized exchange protocol.
Our goal is to be a user-friendly exchange with high gas performance, censorship resistance, and zero rent extraction. It is beneficial to traders and works especially well as a module of other smart contracts that need on-chain liquidity assurance.

Why Binance Smart Chain?

Binance Smart Chain is built with a dual chain architecture, which makes it possible for users to enjoy the flexibility of transferring assets from one blockchain to another.
The interoperability of Binance Smart Chain offers users the opportunity of accessing a vast ecosystem with a myriad of use cases.


100% Community Owned
Fair Launch
Liquidity Locked
Automatic LP

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Immediately presale is conducted, SageFinanceToken will be available to trade on PancakeSwap


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